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Enduring appeal: Why are skirts so attractive?

Despite the liberating effect of pants, the question of why skirts are better than pants is easily answered. Without a doubt pants are extremely comfortable and practical, but when it comes to sophisticated, feminine fashion skirts simply have too many advantages. One of them is that skirts are, like dresses, the number one garment when you want instant, effortless feminine effect. That is true for a businesslike pencil skirt with its understated sex appeal, and likewise for a flowery organza skirt maxi length. Whether you prefer your skirt pleated with an elegant silk blouse or as a denim skirt with boots and shirt, it will allow you to accentuate a slender waist, show some leg and highlight shapely ankles.

Discover the perfect skirt cut and length for you

There is no one-for-all recommendation as far as skirts for women is concerned, and the question “What skirt length is too short?” can’t be answered conclusively either. Why? Because it’s up to you! With a skirt you can choose how far the hemline should go down – or up! Likewise, the cut may be loose and comfortable or figure-hugging. The greatest advantage of skirts: you choose what to show and what to conceal.

Basic skirt cuts and how to wear them

Pencil skirts are the epitome of sleek elegance and cool understatement. Yet they can be styled very differently – with a discrete blouse and blazer for the office, or a low-cut top for a promising date.

A-line skirts have something for everyone. They accentuate the waist, hug the hips, and unfold in panels around the knees. The multi-talents are available in countless colors and materials and easily combined with almost anything.

Pleated skirts never go out of fashion, especially not with the range of materials and styles on offer. A pleated skirt midi is very versatile and soon indispensable as it can be festive or casual depending on the accompanying tops.

Long skirts, the opposite to mini skirts, can work wonders on a woman. Far from old-fashioned, they conjure up a hint of flower power or playful romanticism, while some models are definitely glamorous.

Which skirt for your body shape?

Getting your new skirt just right will go a long way in making the most of your strong points. Particularly flattering are skirts with a hemline just at or even slightly below the knees, because they can be worn even by curvy women or those who have strong calves, while they look smashing on a slender, athletic wearer. At the same time they are just perfect for many occasions because they don’t show too much leg. This length is usually best as an A-line or pleated skirt. A pencil skirt with a hem just a hand’s breadth above the knee looks especially good on women who have slender legs and wear pumps with at least medium heels – very much like short skirts, actually. And a midi-length skirt draws attention to shapely ankles and feet.

One of the many skirts from creation L is your instant solution for a stylish, feminine silhouette in everyday wear. A wide variety of cuts and lengths, together with quality fabrics covering the complete range from organza to faux leather make it easy for you to find a skirt that complements your personal style. Those high-quality skirts are classical enough to keep you company for some time to come, yet so fashionable that you can feel on top of trends. Combined with businesslike blouses you’re all set up for a day at the office, while a less formal t-shirt makes the very same skirt your ideal choice for weekend and leisure. Find your perfect skirt browsing the latest creation L collection online.