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  1. Styling like a pro: the perfect dress for her body type
  2. A versatile choice: dresses for every occasion
  3. From a flowy to fitted style: dresses and their fabrics
  4. Designs in profile: prints and colors
  5. Dresses at a glance

Dresses are feminine and versatile. They are the heart of every women’s closet and can be worn for any occasion. But which dress is perfect for you? And how do you style women's dresses for different occasions? Find out here and get helpful tips on how to find your new favorite dress.

Styling like a pro: the perfect dress for her body type

There are endless possibilities for how to style a dress for every occasion. Dresses are so versatile and can be paired with anything to create a whole new look. However, which dress is ideal for each body type? In this overview, you will find out which dress is right for you.

  • The Pear-Shape Body Type: Narrow shoulders and pronounced hips are characteristics of the pear-shape body type. Dresses with low necklines, slightly defined waistline, or exposed hem direct the focus away from the center of the body. Styling tip: Midi dresses are perfect for this body type since the dress hem ends at the calf.
  • The Inverted Triangle Shape Body Type: Broader shoulders and narrow hips characterize this body shape. Dresses with draping or belts at the hip help balance your frame. An A-line shaped dress with a full skirt also flatters your figure. Styling tip: A clutch or a crossbody bag further accentuate the silhouette.
  • The Apple-Shape Body Type: This body type is characterized by a curvy figure with a less defined waist. Ideal for beautiful dresses that are tighter in the shoulder area and flows beautifully below the chest. Dresses in an A-line shape or with an empire waist accentuate your figure so well. Alternatively, straight cut dresses with a slightly accentuated waist create a nice silhouette. Styling tip: An open bolero jacket over the dress directs the focus upwards.
  • The Hourglass Body Type: Shoulders and hips are similarly balanced here. Dresses with an accentuated waist are the best choice to create a feminine silhouette. If you only want to accentuate the center of the body slightly, wear a dress featuring asymmetrical cuts with ruffles or details at the waist. Styling tip: Striking jewelry, such as a long necklace, draws the attention to your beautiful face and neckline.

A versatile choice: dresses for every occasion

For many different occasions, for example, shift dresses or shirt dresses are suitable. They look feminine and elegant without feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, these types of dresses are great choices for a day at the office or a nice dinner with friends. You can be more elegant in your cocktail dress or evening gown – perfect for a nice wedding, elegant event, or your next night out.

When you are on the go or having a nice casual weekend, light jersey dresses, airy and flowy dresses, and sleeveless dresses provide relaxation and comfort

Pairing your dress with a blazer creates a sophisticated look for the office. However, a light summer dress with a belt and a pair of heels will elevate your look.

From a flowy to fitted style: dresses and their fabrics

Dresses come in a variety of fabrics. To keep your favorite dress in the best condition, it is important to take into account its care instructions.

  • Cotton is the most common fabric in shirt dresses, jersey dresses, and some summer dresses. With great caring instructions, cotton is durable and can be washed in the washer machine at 86-104 °F.
  • The fabric elastane provides comfort for cocktail and evening dresses. The stretchy fibers retain their shape for a long time and are wrinkle-resistant. In the washing machine, dresses made of elastane should be washed at a maximum temperature of 86 °F.
  • Linen is the perfect fabric for the summer or warm weather thanks to it being such a breathable fabric. Also, dresses in a box cut design and shirt dresses are commonly made of linen fabric. You can wash real linen at up to 140 °F in the washer machine.
  • Viscose is a comfortable fabric - soft, smooth, and flowy. It makes modern women’s dresses an eye-catcher. To ensure longevity and durability, wash your favorite viscose dresses at a maximum of 86 °F and do not dry in the dryer machine.
  • Silk feels and looks like pure luxury. The feeling of this fabric on the skin can hardly be put into words. Evening dresses made of silk are so eye-catching. You will definitely turn heads at your next event. This precious natural fiber is best maintained in a gentle wash or washed by hand. With particularly sensitive silk, it is worth getting it dry cleaned.

Designs in profile: prints and colors

There are endless possibilities when it comes to women's dresses in terms of design. When selecting which color or print you want for your dress, keep in mind the figure-flattering aspects. Solid color dresses and dresses with large prints, such as floral or animal prints, visually slim your figure. Smaller prints, such as polka dots, plaid, and pretty prints in bright colors, help define your body. For special occasions or professional events, a solid color dress is the perfect choice for an elegant look. Summer dresses in jersey fabrics or flowy dresses in vibrant colors radiate a joyful mood for any occasion. Not sure on which patterned dress to wear? Try a black dress with a nice print and pair it with a classic cardigan! You will see that dresses always add a fresh take to your wardrobe!

It only takes just a few steps to find the best dress for you. Simply find the right cut for your figure, the perfect design for the occasion, and take into account the effect of colors and prints. You will see that dresses are so versatile and are perfect for any occasion!

Dresses at a glance

  • Choose a dress that fits your body type – while apple-shape body types should, for example, rely on A-line or empire-waist dresses, the hourglass body type should wear dresses with an accentuated waist.
  • If you want to conceal your figure, you should wear solid color dresses or dresses with large prints, while smaller prints emphasize your figure more. By the way, darker colors slim your figure and flatter your body.
  • Looking for a dress that fits every occasion? Then, shift dresses or shirt dresses are just right for you. Both can be styled for a casual weekend or a nice night out. Pairing them with different shoes and accessories will create various stylish looks.