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First things first: figure out your body type

In order to find the perfect dress, you have to know what your body type is. Find out about the four most common body types and what styles look the best for each:

  • HOURGLASS SHAPE: Ladies with an hourglass figure have a clearly defined waist as well as bust and hip measurements that are roughly the same. This shape was made for wearing dresses! Look for form-fitting styles such as shift dresses. Be sure to define your waist and avoid flowy styles. Otherwise, you’ll completely lose your beautiful shape in the dress! When in doubt, add a belt to emphasize your waist and balance your proportions.
  • PEAR SHAPE: Pear-shaped figures have full hips and narrow shoulders. If your waist is wider than your bust, you’re probably pear-shaped. So many styles look fantastic on this shape. Highlight your slender upper body with dresses that have embellished necklines and V-necks. Sleeveless styles also look fantastic, as do dresses with belts. Reach for hemlines that hit just below the knee. This elongates your frame and makes your bottom half look more slender.
  • APPLE SHAPE: Apple-shaped figures are generally well-proportioned. The shoulders are broader than the hips and a bit of the waist. Apple-shaped women have a ton of dress styles to choose from! Strapless styles and low necklines are extremely flattering, and so are wrap looks and A-line styles of any length. When reaching for any sort of voluminous or flowy style, just be sure it isn’t too much. You still want to see your figure!
  • ATHLETIC SHAPE: Often referred to as the “straight” body type, athletic bodies have shoulder and hip measurements that are almost the exact same, and there is no clearly defined waist. Sheath and shift dresses look fantastic on the athletic body, as do flowy dresses with volume. A plunging neckline always works well and can create the illusion of more curves. Since athletic ladies don’t have a clear waistline, a thin belt is also a fun addition.

No matter what your body shape, there are plenty of sale dresses from creation L to suit you.

A dress for every occasion: find yours in the creation L women dresses sale

Now that you have a better idea what style of dress to choose, it is time to shop! Find looks for every occasion and season in our women’s dresses sale. As you shop, ask yourself: Where will I be wearing this dress?

Do you need a work outfit? Stripes are a sophisticated print that works well, and so is a subtle floral print. In general, look for a knee-length dress. It is always appropriate!

If you need a new look for a special occasion, go for a full-length dress with lace or an embellished neckline. Dress up a basic black dress with fancy earrings or a statement necklace. You are sure to find a great deal on a special occasion dress when you shop our sale. When will I be wearing this dress?

This is also an important question! If you need a look for summer, lightweight fabrics are the way to go. Look for linen or soft jersey dresses in your favorite cut. For the colder months, wool or heavy cotton are fantastic options. You can easily wear a sleeveless dress in winter by adding a blazer or a cardigan.

It also matters what time of the day you are going to wear your new dress. You can get away with bolder and more embellished looks in the evening, so save a plunging neckline or short style for a date night!

Don’t forget: dresses are highly versatile. You can easily go from a day at work to a night out with your friends by simply adding accessories and a change of shoes. If this is your plan, grab a color-blocked dress in your favorite colors, a pair of flats, and some subtle jewelry for the day, and then you can wear a pair of heels and sparkly accessories for the evening. The creation L dress sale online is the right place to find all these looks and more. Upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank! Shop creation L dress sale for pieces that will make you feel as great as you will look.