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  1. What types of women's sleepwear are there?
  2. What materials are there for sleepwear for women?
  3. What do you wear under the sleepwear?
  4. Sleepwear for a restful sleep: tips at a glance

Would you like to refresh your sleepwear wardrobe and consider which style is right for you? Which styles are currently trending and which materials are ideal depending on the season? The answers to these and other questions as well as useful tips can be found below.

What types of women's sleepwear are there?

Restful sleep is essential for the well-being of body and mind; choosing the right sleepwear is an essential factor. The choice depends as much on your personal preferences as on your sleeping habits. The season and your environment also play a decisive role in making the decision. Our sleepwear comes in an attractive variety of styles.

  • Pajamas:
    Classic pajamas are two-pieces, consisting of short or long-sleeved shirts and pants adapted to the design. Pajamas give you the feeling of being fully dressed. If you toss and turn, they don’t slide up and keep you warm. The tops can be designed as shirts with or without buttons. Pajama pants sit comfortably thanks to a stretchy waistband and a casual fit. A straight cut style offers an airy feel, while a pair of pants with cuffs ensures that everything stays in place at night.
  • Capri Pajamas:
    These are pajamas with Capri-length pants and tops with short or three-quarter-length sleeves. You will most appreciate this style when it is too warm for long pajamas and too cool for short pajamas.
  • Short Pajamas:
    This two-piece sleepwear style includes shorts and a short sleeve or sleeveless top. Worn most often in summer and is preferable if you are prone to heavy sweating.
  • Nightgowns:
    Airy one-piece, classic nightgowns in knee or calf length. Straight or A-line, round or v-neckline, this style is available in an array of lengths. Fine details such as piping, embroidery, graphic or floral patterns give each part uniqueness. Whether simple, romantic or elegant: a variety of nightgown styles ensure that you find your favorite.
  • Sleepshirts:
    An oversized shirt with short or long sleeves. They represent a special shape of nightgowns. Sleepshirts come in bold colors or with graphic prints. These have become a trend in recent years. With fashionable sleepshirts for women you exude nonchalant casualness.
  • Mix & Match:
    Do you want to combine long pajama pants with a sleeveless shirt? Or would you like a combination of shorts and a long-sleeved pajama shirt? Mix & match gives you maximum flexibility. You put your combinations together individually and can wear them at any time of the year. Find exactly what suits your style.

What materials are there for sleepwear for women?

Comfortably cut and attractively designed, women’s sleepwear contributes to your well-being. The fabric should be skin-friendly, soft and comfortable.

What sleepwear style suits which time of year?

Sleepwear should be matched to the temperature of your sleeping environment.

  • Summer:
    Women's night shirts in flowing viscose and summery short pajamas made of supple jersey accompany you to sleep. Viscose and jersey are particularly elastic and breathable – the perfect choice for hot days.
  • Winter:
    Pajamas and nightgowns made of flannel and interlock jersey bring the ideal level of warmth and cuddle factor to your bed.
  • Transition time:
    Sleepshirts, Capri pajamas or mix & match. Your well-being comes first – fine cotton makes a decisive contribution to this. They are skin-friendly and absorbent.

Good to know: during sleep, a healthy person loses about half a liter of fluid due to sweating. This also results in a change of sleepwear about every two to three days.

What do you wear under the sleepwear?

Basically, sleepwear is best worn without it. Tight-fitting briefs restrict the ventilation of the intimate areas and can thus promote infections. Tight bras slip and put unpleasant pressure on the chest. If you still want to wear something under your nightwear, grab airy pants and/or a light bralette to support the chest without constricting it.

Sleepwear for a restful sleep: tips at a glance.

Choosing your sleepwear makes a decisive contribution to your sleeping comfort, which is why we have summarized the most important tips for you once again:

  • Sleepwearshould be airy, comfortable and breathable.
  • If you prefer to wear two-pieces at night, choose between pajamas, Capri pajamas and short pajamas.
  • Feel comfortable in one-pieces with nightgowns and sleepshirts.
  • Mix & match allows you to put together your sleepwear according to your personal preferences.
  • From fluffy flannel to soft jerseys and cooling viscose, you'll find sleepwear for every season.