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Classic ladies’ cardigans with a modern revamp

Forget what you’ve heard, the humble cardigan is anything but humble. It’s a must-have for any fashion-savvy modern woman who wants to look good while staying warm. Cardigans aren't just made for lounging either, they are a truly traffic-stopping fashion option when you pick the right one. We wanted to give this old favorite a modern revamp. We kept all the coziness, whilst also giving it a much-needed fashion facelift.

So what does a fashion facelift look like? Well, think lace, texture, bold colors, and much more. We played with contrasting trims, ruffles, and fringing and we've made a truly incredible collection. We’ve also made sure to include some more classic styles for those days when you just want to throw something on and head to the store. So no matter what the day brings, you can snuggle up with your creation L cardigan in style.

The perfect travel buddy

Traveling is worthwhile, but at times it can feel a little overwhelming. It can be tough deciding where to go, making sure you haven't forgotten anything – and of course there is that dreaded plane or train ride. But don’t fret, we’ve made travel dressing as easy as sipping a cocktail with these travel-proof cardigans. They are made with the softest materials and are perfect for slipping on and off when going through airport security. You’ll feel super-snug with one of our thick-knit options. The Patterned Cardigan is our go-to travel buddy. It’s thick, luxurious and ultra-cozy making it a great option for any journey.

For any summer holidaymaker, a cardigan is a must-have. Once the sun sets on your sunset drinks, reach for your Jersey Cardigan. Its lightweight material and fun color make it a great pick for warmer weather.

Cardigans for women: A true fashion staple

Cardigans are a staple in any major fashion house and it’s easy to see why. They are versatile, easy to wear and stylish. Look at any of the major fashion weeks, like Paris, New York or London and you’ll see no end of editors, models and fashion moguls sporting designer cardigans. It’s because they are a perfect pairing with any good outfit. Unlike sweaters, they don’t hide the outfit below but add texture, color – and of course warmth – without detracting from the look. The Floral Print Cardigan is our sartorial pick. Pair with faux-leather leggings, a black boot and a white t-shirt for your own off-duty Fashion Week look. And don’t forget your big sunglasses.